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More About The Food Hog

We are currently on a quest to discover authentic food dishes in different corners of the world and provide tips for people looking to explore rich local flavors on their upcoming journeys.

Our slogan is that the best way to experience a new destination is through one’s stomach and the first step to opening your mind to a new culture is through opening up to the local flavors. To put it simply, you have to taste a culture to understand it and that’s what The Food Hog is all about!

On this blog, you can find anything related to food from different corners of the world, from bizarre foods to the best local street food stalls, restaurants, unique dining experiences, and amazing recipes.

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Are you a private brand, a tour operator, a national tourism board that’s looking to promote a destination, accommodation, or a tour?

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We can help you share your story in an engaging and personal way via amazing photos, enticing blog posts, and engaging videos. Here are some ways in which we can cooperate


The Food Hog is dedicated to providing high-quality, informative, and engaging content. We can help you maximize your exposure and reach our audience in a natural, yet meaningful way that will help your branding.

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Our professional backgrounds in Brand Advertising and Marketing and our experience as food and travel influencers can provide holistic insights and deliver results that you as an advertiser expect.

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A media partnership with The Food Hog is a natural and effective way to promote your brand, destination, unique local food experiences in your area, restaurants, and a lot more. We can help you reach your target audience by advertising your brand via display ads on relevant positions throughout the site that will fit seamlessly with our content. 


Finally, if you’re looking for a good writer to work on an article for your website, magazine or any other kind of publication, we’re always in for new gigs.   

If you’re looking to get a review of a product, tour, restaurant, or a unique food experience that our readers would be interested to hear about, feel free to contact us. We are always open to giving honest reviews of interesting products/services that can provide value to our readers. If this sounds interesting, feel free to send us an email at the address below.

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